Camp WillowSwish Rules

21 and Over to camp or attend (including day passes). All IDs are checked.

Quiet Hours Midnight(ish) to 9am – Please no loud music or sub-woofers after the pavilion shuts down at midnight(ish).

Glass bottles must be in a tent or in a vehicle. No visible display of any alcohol. We are in a state park! No liquor bottles outside of your tent or RV, or visible from the outside of your unit (per park rules).

Leave no trace. Pack out more than you packed in. Dumpsters are available. Please keep your area clean. Dumpsters are for standard camping trash, NOT for broken tents, canopies, mattresses, chairs, TV’s, large items, etc. Please dispose of these type items when you arrive back home!

DO NOT leave camp if you are drunk. You will get a DUI. Practice safe boating please.

You might want to check out your neighbors before you set up. Some people retire early and some hoot and holler all night. The party pavilion loop is usually more active each night. Sites 1-14 are quieter and up by the baseball diamond is the quietest. By camping with us you acknowledge and accept that there are parties that may continue until 1 AM, including but not limited: DJ’s playing loud music, Drag Queens telling tacky and possible rude or offensive jokes, Emcees hosting shows and crowds cheering on the participants. If this is unacceptable to you, then there are other campsites in the state park that may be better suited for you.

We ask that if you bring dogs, you take care of them and KEEP THEM ON A LEASH. Your dog is YOUR responsibility including cleaning up after them when they poop in the park. Yappy neighbors may be asked to leave.

This is a party and a group of people who enjoy to drink, be “ourselves” and prideful… If you have a challenge with that, you may be asked to leave. Willowswish has been ongoing for 50+ years and we intend to continue our traditions.

DO NOT CALL 911 EXCEPT FOR A MEDICAL EMERGENCY. In the rare chance there is a fight or any other issue, come find one of the Camp Daddies. Chances are, you are camped within several hundred feet of one. We have to police ourselves, so that we do not have issues with obtaining the campground in the future.

NUDITY IS NOT ALLOWED in the campground (per park rules). You will be arrested for public nudity.

This is an adult gay men’s campout, with few lesbians, and some straight folks as well. We welcome all LGBTQ and LGBTQ-friendly campers to join in on the fun.

WE are in the woods and NOT in the city anymore… show up expecting nature and be prepared as the boy scout (or girl scout) that you always wished to be. This is camping! It is a blast!

Unruly, belligerent campers will be removed for the safety of other campers. We do reserve the right to eject you from camp. We reserve the right to BAN you permanently should your actions be that extreme. Truly we just want all to get along! NO DRAMA!